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I AM NEW TO PROPANE. HOW DO I SET UP NEW SERVICE? Please call one of our locations to have a salesman come out to your home and speak with you.  We will answer all of your questions about propane service and give you an estimate to begin your gas service to all gas appliances.  We have 30 day charge accounts for all propane customers with approved credit applications. I WOULD LIKE TO SWITCH PROPANE DEALERS. Switching companies is easy.  If you own your gas tank then all that is needed is an approved credit application to set up a 30 day charge account.  We will begin serving you propane immediately after your account is established.  If you rent your propane tank from another company then you will need to do the following.  First, we will set up a 30 day charge account with an approved credit application.  Second, we will deliver one of our rental tanks to swap for your current rental tank.  It is best to make this swap when the current rental tank reaches between 5% and 10%.  We ask to make the swap when your tank is low to ensure that most of your current gas is used and not wasted because you may not receive a refund from your current company. HOW DO I READ THE GAUGE ON MY PROPANE TANK?
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